My functional and sculptural ceramics stem from a fascination with pattern and communicate the power of art objects to promote connections. The installation and sculptural works, inspired by fractals and chaos, suggest an interconnectedness that runs throughout nature. Using various hand building and slip casting techniques, I create works that reference the fractal formations of landscape, turbulent water, and big ice. The forms are ambiguous yet familiar. They represent universal self-similar patterns of which the natural world is formed.

My functional wares promote a more considered and communal eating experience while reinstating the value of the handmade object. Food sharing is an important staple of community building. The significance of which has become diminished with convenience foods served on mass-produced dishes. My Nesting Sets form an elegant pattern when all pieces are placed together in a set. This design encourages the sharing a food, which invariably enforces human connections.

I am successful when my works bring awareness of the connections we have to world in which we live, and to one another.