My works stem from a fascination with the natural world, particularly self-similar patterns, known as fractals. I am interested in exploring the similarities these patterns share on a macro/micro scale within themselves, and with other natural systems. I am impressed with their intrinsic beauty, as well as their suggestion of an interconnectedness that threads through our world. Consider how the branching of a tree resembles the branching of our vasculature and nervous system, a lighting bolt and a river system. As of late I have focused my research to the similarities between water and landscape. Mountainous terrain and choppy water are made of the same peeks and valleys, and a spill of liquid on the floor takes the characteristics of a coast line. In making ceramic works inspired from this theme, I hope to instill the same sense of wonder in my viewer. I will be successful when my audience then notices these patterns around them, and feels they are connected to something greater than themselves